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Looking for designer Apple Watch cases or bands online? Discover our range of luxury Apple Watch cases and stylish bands. Reimagine your Apple Watch with the RESKAR® or CYBER WATCH® machined in titanium and aluminum. Our Apple Watch cases and bands are available for the Apple Watch series 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8.


If you’re searching for the most exclusive, designer Apple Watch cases on the planet - you’ve finally discovered them. Our range of luxury Apple Watch cases offer discerning style and robust protection for your Apple Watch. Reimagine the boundaries of your Apple Watch with our uniquely designed CYBER WATCH® and RESKAR® case collection.

Yellow and Black Cyberwatch Case on Apple Watch


We were motivated to create the CYBER WATCH® by a singular ambition. Our drive was to finally create a sculpture for the Apple Watch that truly represented the ground breaking technology housed within. A watch that goes above and beyond its mechanical predecessors deserves a completely groundbreaking, artistically sculpted, luxury case.

To achieve this goal, we had to bring the GRAY® touch of extreme design into a new age. Our craftsmen have radically transformed the Apple Watch into an object that looks stunning on your wrist and can stand the test of time.


Only our most trusted artisans receive the honor of executing the high-intensity machining process that creates the CYBER WATCH®. Two blocks of aerospace-grade titanium or aluminum metal are CNC machined to form the unique cross profile of each luxury Apple Watch case. A work of art takes time and skill. Our craftsmen labour over every detail to bring life to our precise visions of detail and quality.

Two aluminum or titanium structures form the exterior of this metal Apple Watch case, paired with a FKM® rubber housing that secures the CYBER WATCH® tightly onto the Apple Watch. This luxurious pairing of two creations is so seamless, you won’t be able to remember what your Apple Watch looked like without it. Never wear ordinary on your wrist again. The CYBER WATCH® radically transforms the Apple Watch into a stunning statement that is unparalleled in our universe today. This is your Apple Watch, reimagined

Blue and Black Cyberwatch Case on Apple Watch


In the conflict between smart watches and their mechanical predecessors, a false dilemma was presented to us. Go smart if you want something utilitarian, go mechanical if you want style and sophistication. We present to you the solution to that dilemma.

Uniquely stunning and technically complex, the RESKAR® breaks new ground yet again in our quest to reimagine the Apple Watch. A seamless profile provides us with a new canvas to present innovative materials, horological architecture, and the technology of tomorrow. We changed the game and we aren’t finished yet.


Made from FKM® rubber, this designer Apple Watch band is durable and high-performance, yet incredibly comfortable. The ideal band will feel comfortable on your skin wherever life brings you, and the band ensures optimal comfort, never interfering with your physical movements.

If you’re anything like us, you’re constantly upgrading your tech to match your pace. Switch out your tech quickly and easily with our custom Apple Watch band. Every durable Apple Watch band from Gray® can be utilized with any Gray® Apple Watch case.


With the release of the bold Apple Watch 7, our team has ramped up its creative power to match. Each ground-breaking redesign from Apple inspires our craftsmen to push their limits to bring you a case that will envelope and protect the technology of the future.

The Apple Watch 7 is bigger, brighter and has more functionality than ever before. It’s capabilities are waiting to be explored and utilized in real-time. The Apple Watch case collection from GRAY® allows you to display your Apple watch with an elite, futuristic style - all while providing the protection you need for your fully charged lifestyle.

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