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> CYBER WATCH® Galactic Purple Aluminium Apple Watch Series 4/5/6 Case & Band


> CYBER WATCH® Galactic Purple Aluminium Apple Watch Series 4/5/6 Case & Band


For Apple Watch Series 4, 5 & 6 44mm

CNC Machined from Aerospace Grade Aluminium - T6061

Matte Sandblasted Surface Finish

Galactic Purple Anodised Coating

Comes with Black FKM® Watch Band in 2 sizes S/M & M/L, with similar sizing to the original Apple Watch Bands.

Do you ship worldwide? 

We provide international shipping in 3-5 days via express couriers such as Fedex and DHL. Depending on your location and stock availability we will ship from our warehouses around the globe. 

Is there a warranty on this product? 

There will be a one year warranty from the date of purchase to cover any manufacturer’s defects in the material and physical workmanship of the Product. This warranty is conditional upon the Product being used under normal circumstances and being properly cared for by the Customer.


Wear tomorrow on your wrist.

In creating the CYBER WATCH®, we were motivated by one ambition. To finally create a sculpture for the Apple Watch that truly represented the ground breaking technology it housed within. After all, a watch that goes above and beyond its mechanical predecessors deserves a complete reinterpretation of its exterior. To do so, we had to bring the GRAY® touch of extreme design to a new frontier, radically transforming the Apple Watch into an object that would look as stunning on your wrist today as it will a hundred years from now.


Every detail of the CYBER WATCH® has been engineered to present to you the spirit of the future. The machined metal Apple Watch case flows naturally with a quiet strength that projects confidence. Each ridge takes your eyes on an almost zen-like journey around the Apple Watch, placing the wonders of science-fiction on your wrist.


Only our most trusted artisans are allowed to work on the high-intensity machining process that creates the CYBER WATCH®. Two blocks of aerospace grade aluminium metal are CNC machined to form the unique cross profile of the creation. A work of art takes time, and our craftsmen labour over every detail to bring to life your exacting visions of detail and quality. This luxury apple watch case is sandblasted to a smooth matte finish and shrouded in a galactic purple andozied coat.


Two aluminium structures form the exterior of this metal Apple Watch case, paired with a FKM® rubber housing that secures the CYBER WATCH® tightly onto the Apple Watch. This luxurious pairing of two creations is made so seamless that you will soon forget how your Apple Watch existed before this.


Made from FKM® rubber, this designer Apple Watch band is durable and high-performance, yet incredibly comfortable. The ideal band will feel comfortable on your skin wherever life brings you, and the band ensures optimal comfort, never interfering with your physical movements.


No work of art is complete without its packaging, and the CYBER WATCH® is presented in a display case that is the decisive final act for a superlative creation.


> Forbes

"The CYBER WATCH is the perfect upgrade for your Apple Watch this summer to a sleek, futuristic design using high quality aerospace grade titanium."

> Yanko Design

"The Apple CYBER WATCH® would probably get a double thumbs up from Elon Musk"

> Robb Report

"GRAY's CYBER WATCH is it also inspired by Tesla's Cyber Truck?"

> Blessthisstuff

"A unique case that gives your Apple Watch a real sci-fi look"

> Uncrate

"With Gray's Cyber Watch case, you get a unique, premium look that will work for as long as Apple keeps the same form factor."

> Highconsumption

"Gray’s Cyber Titanium Case Brings Lavish Protection To Your Apple Watch"