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> RESKAR® Titanium Apple Watch Series 4/5/6 Case & Band


> RESKAR® Titanium Apple Watch Series 4/5/6 Case & Band


For Apple Watch Series 4, 5 & 6 44mm

CNC Machined from Aerospace Grade Titanium - 6Al4V

Mechanically Textured Surface Finish

Comes with Black FKM® Watch Band in 2 sizes S/M & M/L, with similar sizing to the original Apple Watch Bands.

Do you ship worldwide? 

We provide international shipping in 3-5 days via express couriers such as Fedex and DHL. Depending on your location and stock availability we will ship from our warehouses around the globe. 

Is there a warranty on this product? 

There will be a one year warranty from the date of purchase to cover any manufacturer’s defects in the material and physical workmanship of the Product. This warranty is conditional upon the Product being used under normal circumstances and being properly cared for by the Customer.


In the conflict between smart watches and their mechanical predecessors, a false dilemma was presented to us. Go smart if you wanted something utilitarian, but mechanical timepieces is where you would find true artistry, they said. Not any longer. 

Uniquely stunning and technically complex, RESKAR breaks new ground yet again in our quest to reimagine the Apple Watch. A seamless profile provides us with a new canvas to present innovative materials, horological architecture, and the technology of tomorrow. 

We changed the game, now we’re hunting the next horizon.


The approach taken for the RESKAR centres around the concept of beautiful functionality. With minimal materials, we create a powerful design statement - every angle exists for a reason. From every angle, one highlight after another, allow yourself to be captivated with a mesmerising intensity.

This is not your everyday watch, but a watch you’ll want to wear everyday. 


Blending sporty practicality with avant-garde design, the RESKAR is machined from aerospace grade titanium for a performance-inspired style. GRAY craftsmen give the case a mechanically textured fingerprint, creating a tactile sensation to the case.


Forget the familiar. The RESKAR presents a groundbreaking new profile with a seamless fit that catches the eye from every angle. By eliminating all visual distractions, the RESKAR adds an extra thrill to the Apple Watch experience, with edges to get lost in.


Made from FKM® rubber, this designer Apple Watch band is durable and high-performance, yet incredibly comfortable. The ideal band will feel comfortable on your skin wherever life brings you, and the band ensures optimal comfort, never interfering with your physical movements.