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How to buy Crypto with your CORAZON®

Mar 16, 2021

The sleek and luxurious CORAZON® partnered with superior crypto-security from Trezor gives you a modern and secure crypto wallet like no other. Every CORAZON® is hand-machined from aerospace grade aluminum. For our most discerning clientele, we’ve also created a limited edition run of aerospace grade titanium models.  

Crypto Security You Can Trust

There are several different ways to purchase cryptocurrencies online. Perhaps the most common way is to use a standalone fiat-to-crypto exchange. This is certainly the most frequently used method by most crypto users.  We feel there is a false sense of security in following this trend. , Exchanges come with significant risks that should, and can, be avoided. These risks can be compounded particularly when you  buy in large volumes. Our partners at Trezor are  dedicated to their mission of   making cryptocurrency  as secure and simple as possible to use.   This includes ensuring you can safely exchange your cash for crypto. 

 The Trezor Difference: Superior Crypto Security

When you purchase crypto currency, you likely do so within an exchange, a platform that makes it possible to buy and sell cryptocurrency either with another cryptocurrency or with fiat.  Security within online exchanges can be vulnerable. Exchanges are constantly targeted by hackers, who take advantage of the decentralised nature of the exchanges themselves to exploit their vulnerabilities. The Trezor Difference makes being exploited within the exchanges  next to impossible.

Steps to Crypto Security

  • You have to physically confirm any transactions on your CORAZON® before any action is taken.
  • When you make a purchase or a trade, your new coins go straight to your CORAZON®. hey cannot be stolen because your device is offline and inaccessible to any online hacker.
  • Finally, when you choose an exchange from within your Trezor Wallet, it will go straight to the legitimate website. If you search for an exchange site using a search engine, there is always a chance that you could mistakenly open a phishing site that has mimicked the real exchange in order to steal your private data.

Buying With Trezor On Your CORAZON®: Simple and Secure


Step 1: Connect your CORAZON® and open Trezor Wallet. If you have passphrase enabled, you will be prompted to enter your passphrase throughout the process.


Step 2: Click on the “Buy” tab in the menu bar.


Step 3: Choose an exchange from those listed. There are ten exchanges listed within Trezor Wallet. If you don’t know which exchange to choose, use these factors to guide you to the right one:

  • Currency conversion rates
  • Exchange fees
  • Currencies available for purchase


Step 4: When you have selected an exchange, follow the directions given. You will also always be asked to enter your wallet address. Here’s how to find it:


  • Back in Trezor Wallet, choose the currency that you are purchasing. This is very crucial as you do not want to send the wrong currency to the wrong address. 
  • Go to the Receive tab and choose “Create new address,” then select “Show full address.”
  • You will have to confirm the address directly on your Trezor device. Verify that the address displayed matches the one on your device, and select “Continue.”
  • You will have to input that address back in the exchange. Be careful, if you don’t input the correct address, you will not receive your coins.
  • After you enter the receiving address, you will be prompted to input your preferred payment method.


Step 5: Success! You can find your newly bought cryptocurrency in your Trezor Wallet. It won’t show up instantly; it usually takes about an hour before your transaction is confirmed. The length of the delay depends on  which exchange you’re using, how busy the network is, and what kind of currency you bought.

Innovative and Distinctive Crypto Security

Once again, Gray® Inc brings you the best in mechanical artistry and cyber security. When you’re ready to achieve the next level in crypto hardware, the CORAZON® provides unique design with unmatched cyber security.  

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