< By Admin Team Sep 21, 2020 >

The VANDIUM® has always been among our proudest creations. Creating for the future, we removed all excess to reveal a wallet for the digital world. It brings us great joy to see the VANDIUM® successful in the only test that matters - in the hands of the GRAY® network.

The VANDIUM® in aluminium is the next evolution for the iconic wallet. This is more than just a simple material change. Aluminium provides us with a fresh canvas on which to innovate. A new sand blasted matte finish refreshes the  card wallet, while Aluminium unlocks more variants such as Pulsar Red, Galactic Blue Space Gray through an anodisation process previously impossible on titanium. Most importantly, the new VANDIUM® is lighter than ever before - perfectly invisible until you need it. 

Designed to meet every possible need, the VANDIUM® is flexible enough to fit anywhere from 1 to 15 cards or as much as its elastic band can stretch, giving you the ultimate freedom in deciding how many cards you want to carry. The elastic band also ensures that the wallet is always as slim and thin as possible making it comfortable even for men to put in their front pockets. Its titanium shells which are able to guard against electromagnetic signals also make the VANDIUM® RFID blocking allowing you to feel assured that your cards information are protected from electronic pickpockets.

This is the VANDIUM® you know and love.

Taken to the next level.

Get plugged in today.