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cyber watch aluminium metal apple watch series 6 cases

Time flies. With the Apple Watch Series 6, we begin a new chapter with the CYBER WATCH® Aluminium, marking the next colourful step for one of our most beloved icons.

The world of GRAY® has never looked more vibrant. Aluminium provides us with a fresh canvas for innovation, with a new sand blasted matte finish that refreshes the icon. Aluminium also allows us to unlock new colours, such as Pulsar Red, Galactic Blue, Space Gray and Galactic Purple

Yet at its core, the CYBER WATCH® Aluminium continues the same mission - to be the sculpture that mirrors the ground breaking technology housed within your Apple Watch. To reflect the spirit of daring, relentless innovation. To be your Apple Watch, reimagined.

Every detail of the CYBER WATCH® Aluminium Apple Watch case has been engineered to present to you the spirit of the future. Each ridge takes you on a dynamic journey along the Apple Watch case, with a quiet strength that projects confidence. Complimenting the Apple Watch in a beautiful marriage, the CYBER WATCH®, you will soon forget how your Apple Watch existed before this.

No work of art is complete without its packaging, and the CYBER WATCH® is presented with a FKM® rubber band. Durable and high-performance, our band never interferes with your movement, feeling comfortable on your skin wherever life brings you. 

Take the next bold step with the CYBER WATCH® Aluminium today.