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two shard titanium pens

Among our collection of technology accessories, the SHARD® probably looks out of place. Admittedly in many ways, it is. However, it also beautifully captures our mission and our innovative spark. 

Sell me this pen. One simple question, forever tied to 'The Wolf of Wall Street', drove the creation of the SHARD®. You see, before a pen can be sold, we first need to know about the client - what are their desires, what drives them, where do they want to be? At the heart of the exercise is knowing the client before forming the pitch. 

We launched the SHARD® in 2016, our second creation during the early days of GRAY®. In doing so, we undertook a year-long reflection of our place in your world. We knew that we wanted to be a brand for the visionaries, the pioneers, the creators. We wanted to send an uncompromising message - We stand with you.  

What better way to send this message then, than with the humble pen? The pen - mightier than the sword, has the ability to move mountains and shape destinies. If we can radically transform this unchanging commodity, then we can bravely bring the Spirit of the Future to any product. And if we remember the story of the SHARD®, our commitment to you will always be protected. One simple creation, three deep reasons for existence. 

So the SHARD® may look out of place, but it is unquestionably GRAY®. Aerospace Grade Titanium, hand finished in our signature multi-dimensional aesthetic, the SHARD® is the tool to write the future with.

We hope that you've enjoyed the story behind the SHARD®. Perhaps the only question that remains is:

Sell me this pen?

Discover the SHARD® collection now available with 3 different finishes, the Titanium, Stealth and Aurora