A One-of-a-kind Custom & Personalised case for your Samsung Galaxy S10+

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advent aurora titanium samsung s10+ case

 “Normal is not something to aspire to, it’s something to get away from.” It illustrates the innermost feelings of human beings, the natural desire to stand out, to showcase our unique personalities. We could do it through the things we own, the clothes we wear and the way we talk. The smallest details speak volumes about the kind of person we are. 

An accessory commonly held by people today is our phones however the fact remains that almost all phones are created to look exactly like the one next to it. The one way we can achieve a unique touch to it? Through cases. 

The trouble is there are so many choices for phone cases out there now since the industry exploded into activity to complement the rising trend of smartphone usage. To find a one-of-a-kind customized case that combines a distinct style and a certain level of durability was next to impossible to find and so we decided to make one ourselves. 

Introducing the Advent Aurora

advent aurora titanium samsung s10+ case

The Advent Aurora is our exclusive range of hand-torched titanium cases for the iPhone Xs, Xs Max and the Samsung Galaxy S10+. It first begins life as a solid block of aerospace grade 5 titanium before being machined into its signature aesthetic. A material prized in both aviation and formula one, grade 5 titanium is 2.5 times stronger than steel but only half its weight, allowing it to feel impossibly light in your hands yet reliably strong. 


The unique thing about the Aurora is that like an artist painting with fire, it is individually hand-torched in order to achieve the multi-coloured Aurora finish. This demanding treatment process utilises titanium’s ability to change its colour when heat is applied, allowing each piece to be completely unique due to the random formation of colours during treatment, creating an experience that further accentuates the angles of the Advent. 

Titanium in reaction to heat changes from its natural silver > gold > purple > blue > green > silver. The difficulty in this craft is in heating up the titanium gradually, such that a beautiful myriad of colours appear artistically at the right places and knowing the right techniques to control the intensity of the flame to get the exact colours you want. Typically, the nicest colours are formed in the gold>purple>blue spectrum, once it reaches green and the last silver it’s not possible to get back to previous colours anymore. As such, heat has to be applied very carefully in a controlled manner. 


advent aurora titanium samsung galaxy s10+ metal case

The Advent Aurora is also limited to only 50 pieces worldwide with its unique serial number laser engraved onto the case as a reminder of its exclusivity. A special place on the Advent has also been reserved for your name to be engraved beside ours for a personalised touch. 

Like a phoenix that is reborn from the flames of its previous incarnation, so too does the Aurora reinvent itself through the fires of an artisan’s torch, transcending the ordinary into one-of-a-kind piece of art. 

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