Apple Watch 7 Cases and Bands

< By Admin Team Nov 19, 2021 >

GRAY® brings you the ideal companion pieces for the most advanced Apple Watch to date. Match aerospace-grade Apple Watch 7 cases with durable, high quality bands to create a sophisticated, functional work of art. 

The Futuristic Apple Watch 7

The new Apple Watch 7 has been reimagined to be more functional, durable and attractive. Today’s tech advances quickly and this new version of the Apple Watch is ahead of its time. 


Apple Watch 7

Visually Stunning

The display of the new Apple Watch 7 is enormous - at almost 20% larger than the previous Apple Watch series. This makes the watch easy to read, even with just a quick glance. The screen is always on, which allows you to view the screen from any angle, increasing overall functionality of the watch. A full QWERTY keyboard with swipe function makes messaging simple and easy. 

A screen this advanced needs a case that both protects and matches its futuristic look. Both the  CYBER WATCH® and the RESKAR® Apple Watch cases, created by our expert craftsmen, provide robust protection and elite, artistic style for the discerning tech connoisseur. 

Unmatched Durability

The new Apple Watch 7 is designed to keep up with your active lifestyle. The front crystal of the Apple Watch 7 is the strongest to date. It’s also dust resistant and is water resistant up to 50 meters. This Apple Watch is perfect for those on the go. These upgrades allow the user to integrate the functions of the watch seamlessly into their everyday lives. 

A watch this durable needs a band that can keep up. Made from FKM® rubber, our designer Apple Watch band is durable and high-performance, yet incredibly comfortable. The ideal band will feel comfortable on your skin wherever life brings you, and our bands ensure optimal comfort, never interfering with your physical movements.

Customizable and Unique

The Apple Watch Series 7 brings you ultimate personalization with the ability to tailor your display. See what you want to see at first glance with ease and convenience. A watch this versatile demands to be displayed in a unique statement on your wrist. 

With the release of the bold Apple Watch 7, our team has ramped up its creative power to match. Each ground-breaking redesign from Apple inspires our craftsmen to push their limits to bring you cases and bands that will envelope and protect the technology of the future. 

The Apple Watch 7 is bigger, brighter and has more functionality than ever before. It’s capabilities are waiting to be explored and utilized in real-time. The Apple Watch case collection from GRAY® allows you to display your Apple watch with an elite, futuristic style - all while providing the protection you need for your fully charged lifestyle.  

Small Batch Craftsmanship

At GRAY®, we believe in designing works of art that showcase today’s advanced technology. Our skilled team is creating and building a limited edition run of Apple Watch 7 cases and bands. Enjoy access to exclusive pre-orders, special editions of our products and updates from our team through our private newsletter.