ROBORACE - The Race for Autonomous Electric Powered Vehicles

< By Team GRAY® May 12, 2019 >

roborace robocar self driving autonomous electric powered vehicles

Tron has never been more real.

On this episode of Glimpse we talk about Roborace, the world’s first competition for electric powered autonomous cars. Roborace was created as a new platform for companies to test the development of their automated driving systems in an entertaining way for the public. 

Imagine a race, a race where the vehicles that are racing are completely autonomous, using computer vision from 360 degree cameras to capture information from their surroundings to determine how to act. Powered by Artificial Intelligence at their core, these vehicles are able to determine where to turn, when to overtake and how fast to go. For such a competition it is no longer about how professional the driver is but how good their AI is compared to other different vehicles. 

With such technologies, the reaction speed for different turns and moves from vehicles can happen much faster than traditional human drivers, making it a very exciting show to watch, where every move or cut from an autonomous vehicle can be countered with another quick sudden move from another. Artificial intelligence would also be able to innovate racing strategies and driving skills that have never been thought of by humans. 

Who thinks this would replace Formula One in the future?

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roborace robocar self driving autonomous electric powered vehicles

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