> RAPTOR® AirPods Pro Case

The RAPTOR® is our range of luxury metal cases for the AirPods Pro. These designer cases are made from a matte soft touch silicone material with machined aerospace grade titanium and aluminium as inserts.


With the release of our luxury AirPods Pro cases, we’ve brought the GRAY® touch of extreme design to new heights, challenging ourselves to go even further. As with our other products, the GRAY® AirPod Pro cases are unparalleled in today’s market. Bring a sense of style and the look of the future to your AirPods Pros.

Raptor AirPods Pro Case


We broke the mold yet again. Powerfully sculpted diagonals run along the body of our creation, drawing attention to the titanium or aluminum inlay at the heart of our luxury AirPods Pro cases. This angular identity brings out the best of the AirPods Pros, turning the charge light into a design element that pulsates with energy.

To create our unique sculptures, we’ve chosen to use aerospace grade titanium and aluminum. This ensures your AirPods Pro case is strong as well as stylish. GRAY® is known for unmatched luxury and our AirPod Pro cases are no exception.


A material prized in aviation for its strength and light-weight profile, we chose aerospace grade aluminum to create the metal elements of our designer AirPods Pro case. Each aluminum inlay is a labor of love CNC machined by our craftsmen complete with a sandblasted finish.

Raptor AirPods Pro Case
Raptor AirPods Pro Case


The creation of each GRAY® titanium AirPods Pro case is overseen by only our most trusted artisans. Our unique process takes skill, devotion and time. Each work of art passes through the hands of our master craftsmen, who individually finish the creation to our exacting specifications of detail and quality.


The RAPTOR® is irreverent, radical and exciting, a show-stopping reminder to never settle for the ordinary. Taking silicone, the same material that others have made ordinary, we’ve created the spectacular. Our inspired creators combined their advanced silicone design with aerospace grade aluminum and titanium to bring you superior protection for your AirPod Pro case.

Two additional titanium inserts at the flanks make for a more ergonomic grip, while completing the futuristic design of the RAPTOR®. Make no mistake about it, this is a work of art, not a case. This work of art is unmistakably futuristic, unmistakably yours.

Raptor AirPods Pro Case

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