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Wormholes Explained

< Apr 19, 2019 by Team GRAY® >

Whats at the other end of a blackhole? Does death await you? Or could you actually end up in another Universe?  On this Episode of Glimpse, we dis...

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Unmanned Fighter Jet Drones

< Apr 07, 2019 by Team GRAY® >

Why unmanned fighter jet drones might be the future. Early this year, the U.S. Airforce completed the first test flights of its new A.I. powered stealth fighter jet drone - the Valkyrie XQ58-A.

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Introducing the Alter Ego Titanium Metal iPhone Case

< Aug 16, 2018 by Team GRAY® >

The Alter Ego was made for you. You, the individual who refuses to blend into the crowd, instead seeking to excel at every step of the way. You, who chooses everyday to live different, work different, be different. In creating the Alter Ego, you were at the top of our minds. 

Because if everything You do is special, why should your phone look ordinary?


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