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Explaining our Love for Titanium

< May 04, 2019 by Team GRAY® >

Why we love Titanium.  On this episode of Glimpse we talk about our love for titanium and why we use it for most of our products. For our customer...

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Self Landing Rocket Boosters

< Apr 28, 2019 by Team GRAY® >

Against all odds. On April 11 2019, SpaceX’s most powerful rocket the Falcon Heavy successfully deployed the Arabsat-6A sending a communications s...

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Wormholes Explained

< Apr 19, 2019 by Team GRAY® >

Whats at the other end of a blackhole? Does death await you? Or could you actually end up in another Universe?  On this Episode of Glimpse, we dis...

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Unmanned Fighter Jet Drones

< Apr 07, 2019 by Team GRAY® >

Why unmanned fighter jet drones might be the future. Early this year, the U.S. Airforce completed the first test flights of its new A.I. powered stealth fighter jet drone - the Valkyrie XQ58-A.

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