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Damascus Steel - A Steel Unlike Any Other

Apr 21, 2019

damascus steel cooking knife

Who knew steel could be made so beautifully?

In this episode of Glimpse, we discover more about Damascus Steel and how it is made. 

Damascus steel famous for its distinct and beautiful wavy patterns was originally used as a stronger material in the past for weapons such as swords and knives. Such blades were legendary for being tougher, more resistant to shattering and capable of holding a very sharp edge during battles.

Simply explained, making Damascus Steel involved the process of layering steel plates and forging the metals together by hammering them at high temperatures till they form a welded bond. 

The patterns that come out on the metal depends on how many layers or folds you make and the different metals used in the process. 

Today, Damascus Steel is popularly used by different knife makers and craftsman to make products that are truly works of art. 

P.S. Valryrian Steel in Game of Thrones is actually really Damascus Steel, check it out for yourself!

Should we finally use this material for our products? Let us know your thoughts on our Instagram Post.

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