Wormholes Explained

< By Team GRAY® Apr 19, 2019 >


Whats at the other end of a blackhole? Does death await you? Or could you actually end up in another Universe? 

On this Episode of Glimpse, we discover more about Wormhole Theory, and how Blackholes that we are now so familiar with might just be an entrance into a new place in the universe. 

A Wormhole is essentially a portal that would allow you to enter into another place in the universe instantly without having to travel all the way there by a spaceship which could potentially take millions of years. 

So imagine if we could open a wormhole on earth and connect it to another wormhole on Neptune, it would make the dream of inter-galactic space travel that much easier and faster.

Unfortunately for now Wormhole’s are just theories and we haven’t been able to spot them or create them yet. But we definitely hope we do soon. 

Do you think blackholes are just entrances to wormholes? Let us know your thoughts on our Instagram Post.

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