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The ALTER EGO® is back for the iPhone 15 Pro.
Sep 13, 2023

After taking a break for the iPhone 14, the ALTER EGO® titanium cases are finally back for the iPhone 15 Pro. We were incredibly excited that Apple has decided to manufacture the Pro variants of the iPhone this time with titanium. The exact same material and grade we have used for our cases since 2015. 

The iconic ALTER EGO® comes back with its signature design, a shuriken inspired shape which with its bold yet elegant surfaces that hugs the iPhone 15 Pro on all corners. 

The ALTER EGO® is made from aerospace grade 5 titanium with a 6Al4V material composition, a material famed for its light weight and strength popularly used in aerospace, Formula 1 and now finally iPhones. 

Two blocks of aerospace grade titanium are individually CNC machined to form the two halves of the case in an intensive four-axis operation over 12 hours. After which, the ALTER EGO® goes through a polishing process to remove burrs and inconsistencies on the metal and to achieve a clean finish.

The ALTER EGO® this time comes in 3 variants, the raw titanium, stealth and gold. For the stealth and gold variant, we then send them for a PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) coating to give the case the most durable and lustrous colour possible on titanium. This time the gold is limited to only 100 pieces while the stealth is limited to 250 pieces worldwide. 

alter ego metal iPhone cases

If you've noticed across our products, one of our unique abilities is in creating beautiful mechanical textures on the surface of our metal sculptures. How does this work? CNC machining is a process where you use cutting tools (like a knife) to cut up a block of metal into the shape you want, the textures on the metal then depend on the shape of your cutting tool. For us, we have engineered custom cutting tools to get that inimitable mechanical texture that is not only super scratch resistant but reflects beautifully in light, making it an iconic signature at GRAY®.

The ALTER EGO® cases are now available for pre-order for both the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max variant with an estimated delivery date in early January 2024. Due to precise nature of the product, we only begin production once we have the original iPhone 15 Pro in our hands, hence the duration required to create it. We thank you for your patience and support once again. 

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