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The Best Metal Cases for your Samsung Galaxy S10+

Jul 22, 2019

advent titanium metal bumper case for the samsung s10+

Our phones are expensive investments which are integral to our lives, affording us a level of communication that our ancestors could only dream of. One could say it has become an extension of our human body, a high-tech communication organ.

Be that as it may, something so important to us certainly deserves an investment into prolonging its longevity, this is where phone cases step in. A vast majority of phone cases that are currently on the market are made of polycarbonate, a sort of thick plastic which is extremely durable. However, no matter how beautiful these plastics are designed, it can never replace the heft and feel of metal in your hands.  

A metal phone case helps you differentiate yourself from the crowd, it conveys a touch of exclusivity and elegance to your phone. Of course, the design of the case itself plays a large role in the entire experience, and as such, we have compiled a list of metal cases for the Samsung Galaxy S10+.

#1 The Advent for Samsung Galaxy S10+

advent titanium metal bumper case for the samsung s10+

Singapore based luxury brand GRAY® has now released its iconic Advent range of aerospace grade titanium metal phone cases for the Samsung Galaxy S10+ after exclusively making them for the iPhone in the past 3 years.

The Advent begins life as a solid block of aerospace grade 5 titanium before being machined into its signature aesthetic. A material prized in both aviation and Formula One, grade 5 titanium is 2.5 times stronger than steel but only half its weight, allowing the Advent to feel impossibly light in your hands yet reliably strong. 

advent aurora titanium metal bumper case for the samsung s10+

This case redefines the relationship between your phone and its case, with an innovative friction fit assembly that clasps onto your phone as if by magic. This is achieved through a protective TPU housing that serves as a layer of shock absorbance, protecting your phone while allowing for endless customization options with different colours. 

Although the Advent was created mainly for its aesthetics, it is safe to safe to say that it would protect you from 99% of drops despite its sleek and minimalist design. The Advent covers the phone on all 4 corners and most of the time when you drop your phone it hits the ground at an angle. The only way your phone would be damaged is if your phone falls exactly flat on a protruding surface on the ground which is highly unlikely. 

The Advent comes in 4 different finishes the Titanium, Stealth, Gold & Aurora finish and is limited to 50 & 100 pieces worldwide depending on the model. 

#2 R-Just

R just samsung s10 case

R-Just produces a large array of metal cases for phones of different brands and models. These varieties range from heavy duty shockproof and water-resistant cases to more minimalistic and superhero or cartoon themed varieties. 

love mei samsung case s10

The company states its commitment to providing high-end mobile accessories with “personality and peculiarity” to young consumers. However, these cases require a high level of setting up as compared to most other cases, making it inconvenient should you wish to frequently change cases. 

#3 Love Mei Samsung Galaxy S10+ Metal Case

love mei samsung case

The combination of metal aluminum and silicon has resulted in a case which provides comprehensive protection for your phone. Various dust plugs installed within the case ensures that the different ports in your phone will remain dust free 

All in all, an extremely durable and practical case, but perhaps not the best choice for someone who prefers the minimalist aesthetic. 

#4 Wigento Magnet Bumper case for Samsung Galaxy S10+

wigento samsung case

Wigento has created an aluminum bumper bumper case which is held together by the installation of several magnets along the edges of the case. Unlike most bumper cases however, Wigentos cases boast a tempered glass back covering which provides your phone with a relatively higher level of scratch protection as compared to stereotypical bumper cases which only protect the sides of your phone. 

While this is a great case due to its minimalistic design and sleek aesthetic, we cannot vouch for the level protection which this case would be able to provide because of the lack of shock absorbing material in its specifications. 

In conclusion 

Well designed metal cases are relatively difficult to find mainly due to the complexity of the assembly process, the durability of the type of metal used, and that some cases provides little to no shock absorption. Our goal for our readers would be to provide a little more knowledge into the inner workings of  metal mobile phone cases so they will be able to make a more informed choice. 

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