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> SHARD® Gold Titanium Pen


> SHARD® Gold Titanium Pen

Titanium Variants

YES: shard
YES: shard
YES: shard
YES: shard
$699.00 USD

Machined Aerospace Grade 5 Titanium - Ti 6Al4V

Hand polished brushed finish

Gold PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coat

Aerospace Grade Aluminum carrying case - T6061

Compatible with Montblanc Rollerball pen inks

Do you ship worldwide? 

We provide international shipping in 3-5 days via express couriers such as Fedex and DHL. Depending on your location and stock availability we will ship from our warehouses around the globe. 

Is there a warranty on this product? 

There will be a one year warranty from the date of purchase to cover any manufacturer’s defects in the material and physical workmanship of the Product. This warranty is conditional upon the Product being used under normal circumstances and being properly cared for by the Customer.

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A revolutionary PVD coat is used to bathe the Shard in 24K Gold, allowing it to take on a life of its own, sparkling in its brilliance. The process meets industrial standards, ensuring that the coat is able to withstand daily use.


With its unique faceted profile, the Shard brings to the present the future of writing instruments. Elegantly designed, the very edges that give the Shard its signature aesthetic also ensures an ergonomic fit that is both balanced and comfortable in use.


The Shard begins life as a solid block of Aerospace Grade 5 Titanium before being machined into its signature aesthetic. A material prized in both aviation and Formula One, Grade 5 Titanium is 2.5 times stronger than stainless steel but only half its weight, allowing the Shard to be impossibly light yet reliably strong.


Compatible with Mont Blanc Rollerball inks, writing with the Shard is a truly enjoyable experience- with only the deepest and most vivid colours bearing your signature.


When not in use, the Shard rests in a display case machined out of Aerospace Grade Aluminum. Precision machined, the display is Military-Spec hard anodized to ensure that it is discreetly luxurious while extremely scratch resistant.