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> MORPHEUS® Titanium iPhone 12 Pro Case


> MORPHEUS® Titanium iPhone 12 Pro Case


$449.00 USD
$549.00 USD

Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) case

Backplate CNC Machined from Aerospace Grade Titanium – 6Al4V

Mechanically Textured Surface Finish

Do you ship worldwide? 

We provide international shipping in 3-5 days via express couriers such as Fedex and DHL. Depending on your location and stock availability we will ship from our warehouses around the globe. 

Is there a warranty on this product? 

There will be a one year warranty from the date of purchase to cover any manufacturer’s defects in the material and physical workmanship of the Product. This warranty is conditional upon the Product being used under normal circumstances and being properly cared for by the Customer.


To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often. The MORPHEUS® iPhone case takes its name from the Greek God of dreams, who appears in many forms. Living on your iPhone, the MORPHEUS® is a constantly evolving creation. Interchangeable backplates allow your case to have its own industrial personality, including CARBODYNE®, titanium to aluminium.

morpheus titanium metal luxury iPhone 12 pro case
morpheus titanium metal luxury iPhone 12 pro case


The MORPHEUS® is what happens when you remove compromise from your dictionary. Two blocks of aerospace grade titanium are CNC machined to form the body of the case, in an intensive four-axis operation over 6 hours. The creation process is only completed when your MORPHEUS® passes the hands of our master craftsmen, finishing each example to our exacting specifications of excellence.


While they admire the beauty of the MORPHEUS®, you see the devil in the details. Like a fine artist's brushwork, the mechanically textured surface brings the MORPHEUS® to life. The precision involved is impossible to be replicated by hand, requiring custom engineered cutting tools.

morpheus titanium metal luxury iPhone 12 pro case
morpheus titanium metal luxury iPhone 12 pro case


The MORPHEUS® is expressed on a canvas of high grade TPU. This foundation was chosen for its dynamic and durable properties. Tough as nails, the MORPHEUS® is ready for whatever life throws at it.


The MORPHEUS® continues our quest to push the limits of what an iPhone case can be. With a profile characterised by multi-angled facets, the case is aggressively fluid and obsessively detailed. At the heart of the MORPHEUS® is its customisable backplate. With performance in mind, raised corners secure your iPhone without impeding edge-to-edge swiping. Welcome to the edge. Amplified.

morpheus titanium metal luxury iPhone 12 pro case