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Unveiling Unparalleled Luxury: The iPhone 13 Pro & Pro Max Case by GRAY®
Sep 20, 2021

An iPhone 13 Case Designed by Inspiration

At GRAY®, we achieve greatness by daring to dream. Just like you, we’re always one step ahead of the pack. We’ve devoted years to research, planning, and design so our iPhone cases can break through the industry norms. Our iPhone 13 Pro & Pro Max cases are created for those who appreciate advanced technology and intuitive design. Separate yourself from the mundane with futuristic artistry in the palm of your hand.

The Next Generation of Excellence

You should have seen this coming. We’ve broken the mold time and time again with our radical yet complimentary designs for today’s emerging technology. The new iPhone 13 series is no different. This advanced iPhone deserves a case designed to showcase and protect. It demands excellence and only the masters at GRAY® can deliver.

Aerospace Grade Materials

With an A15 Bionic Processor, upgraded camera and extended battery life, your new iPhone 13 will be in your hand more than ever. Encase the most advanced iPhone available with materials designed to withstand anything. Our cases are uniquely formed using aerospace grade titanium and aluminum. Hand-crafted by our own metalsmiths, each case is given hours of attention to guarantee perfection. Thousands of hours of testing ensures your satisfaction.

Advanced Design Masterfully Executed

Our master craftsmen carefully sculpt each iPhone 13 Pro & Pro Max case individually. Each angle is hand machined to seamlessly blend and catch the eye. Our iPhone 13 Pro & Pro Max cases are individual works of art. You already stand out in a crowd. The new iPhone 13 Pro & Pro Max case from GRAY® makes a statement no one will miss.

Artistry with Limited Access

Our iPhone 13 cases are uniquely made over a multi-day process that requires skill and finesse. We’ve limited production so our technical craftsmen can have the time they need to bring forth the technically advanced sculptures for which Gray® is known worldwide. A select few are lucky enough to own one of our creations. Don’t be left behind. Now is the time to pre-order to guarantee access to an iPhone 13 case like no other.

When you invest in an iPhone case from GRAY®, you’re making a statement. Join an elite group of discerning, advanced individuals in the know. Enjoy access to exclusive pre-orders, special editions of our products and updates from our team through our private newsletter.

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