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The Ultimate Luxury iPhone 11 Pro & 11 Pro Max Cases

Sep 26, 2019

As the new iPhone 11 Pro launches, it comes the time for us to think about the best ways to protect and style our new device such that it remains undamaged for the long run yet still unique to differentiate our phones from the sea of people that will be purchasing an iPhone 11 Pro alongside ourselves. 

Our Inspiration

For this iPhone season at GRAY®, we have evolved 2 of our most iconic cases, the Advent & the Alter Ego for the iPhone 11 Pro. Our inspiration behind these cases was to complement and not obscure the beauty of the original iPhone 11 Pro itself, its stunning colours and contrast between the clear and matte glass back shouldn’t be something that is hidden from sight or covered from touch. Apple’s effort in creating such an exclusive finish for the iPhone should not go to waste.

The Craft

These metal iPhone 11 Pro cases are made from aerospace grade 5 titanium something that has grown almost synonymous with our brand.  A material prized in both aviation and Formula One, grade 5 titanium is 2.5 times stronger than steel but only half its weight, allowing the Alter Ego & the Advent to feel impossibly light in your hands yet reliably strong.

Our mission at GRAY® has always been to serve as your periscope into the future, to encapsulate and imagine its spirit and to reinterpret that into a rebellious work of art that inspires you. In an unmistakable GRAY® fashion, the newly evolved Advent & Alter Ego captures our DNA perfectly. 

Cutting ridges break the profile of this designer iPhone 11 Pro case, creating an angular aesthetic inspired by the aerodynamic shape of hypersonic planes. Your journey is taken further with the mechanically textured surface, a tactile sensation that elevates your phone into another dimension. This stunning finish is the result of precision engineered machining tools made by our most trusted artisans, impossible to be replicated by hand. 

The Assembly

For the Alter Ego two titanium bodies secured by 2 torx screws forms the exterior of the Alter Ego, paired with a rubber housing that secures the Alter Ego snugly onto the iPhone. Highly customisable,
different rubber sets can be used to give the Alter Ego a burst of personality. Those who wish to venture even further can pair different finishes of the Alter Ego with each other, creating a truly luxurious work of art. 

As for the Advent it uses an innovative friction fit assembly that clasps onto your phone as if by magic. To achieve this GRAY® had to ensure a precision fit between the rubber housing, Titanium case and the Phone, making it just tight enough to stay on the phone and loose enough such that it can be put on to the phone. Even just a miscalculation of 0.01mm on each part would ruin the fit of the whole product. 

Limited Edition & Personalised

In addition to the Titanium, both collection includes 4 other exclusive and limited edition models, the Stealth, Gold, Sonic Blue and Aurora where customers have an option to personalise their luxury iPhone case by engraving their own names if they wish to do so. 

 The Stealth, Gold and Sonic Blue designer phone cases are the result of a custom PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) coat - the most durable colouring process available for materials such as titanium and popularly used in the luxury watch industry. The Stealth and Sonic Blue are limited to 100 pieces worldwide while the Gold is limited to 50 pieces worldwide.

The Aurora edition on the other hand is created by individually hand torching titanium like an artist painting with fire to achieve the Aurora finish. This demanding treatment process utilises titanium’s ability to change its colour when heat is applied, allowing each piece to be completely unique due to the random formation of colours during treatment, creating an experience that further accentuates the angles of the phone sculptures. The Aurora edition is limited 50 pieces worldwide. You can also watch how our artisans flame torch the cases in this video.

The Alter Ego & the Advent for iPhone 11 and 11 Max is now available for pre-order on our website with a scheduled delivery date of November.  

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