How to Protect Your iPhone 13 IRL (In Real Life)

< By Admin Team Jun 22, 2022 >

How To Protect Your iPhone 13 Irl (In Real Life)

Your iPhone 13 sees a lot of action. It’s as busy as you are. As you go through your day, your iPhone goes in and out of pockets, bags, cars and even passes from your hands into the hands of others. Having invested in the latest model, iPhone 13 security is likely on your mind. Fortunately, there are some easy steps to take to protect your iPhone 13 from damage and theft.

Protect Personal Information On Your iPhone

Consider the amount of personal information stored on your iPhone 13. Banking and cash apps, credit card information, photos of you (plus your family and friends) at places you frequently visit, and—possibly most critically—your passwords. You want to keep this information closely guarded.

To protect your iPhone 13 from information theft, take these steps:

  • Set up biometric features (fingerprint ID or facial recognition) to unlock your phone
  • Use strong password protection
  • Set up two-factor authentication for ultra-sensitive data apps (banking, cash apps, etc)
  • Enable Find My iPhone to allow remote wipe of your your data in the event that you should need it

Best Features For iPhone 13 Protection

The most important step you can take to protect your iPhone 13 from damage is to invest in a great case. Your iPhone case is often a reflection of your personality, so picking out a case that makes a statement about you is part of the fun. There are specific qualities of a truly protective iPhone case that you want: strength, durability, and shock-absorption. 

When selecting an iPhone 13 case, you need to be sure it protects your phone from the most common cause of damage: dropping your phone. It happens even to the most conscientious of us. The critical components of the iPhone are layered between two pieces of glass. And while the glass Apple uses is durable and strong, it is not damage proof. To reduce the chance of damage to your phone, look for these following components.

Shock-Absorbing TPU 

Silicone or thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) components offer shock-absorbing protection if your iPhone is dropped. Ideally, this component will cover the four corners of the phone for maximum impact protection.

Either material will help protect your iPhone in the event of a drop, but TPU is considered a higher-quality option. Here’s why:

  1. TPU is heat resistant. When your phone heats up in your pocket (or during extended game play) on a hot summer day, it won’t affect the protective qualities of the TPU. 
  2. TPU is a stiff plastic that does not stretch over time. 
  3. TPU is liquid-resistant: it is unaffected by water, grease, or oil. Meaning, residue on your fingers won’t leave permanent smudges or smears on the TPU component of your phone case. 
  4. TPU is entirely recyclable. 

Superior Body Materials

The higher-quality the material housing your phone is made from, the better damage protection it will offer your iPhone 13. For those who play rough, military-grade materials are readily available. For those who want the ultimate iPhone 13 protection, aerospace grade materials are the uncompromising way to go. Aerospace grade titanium is the pinnacle of iPhone damage protection.

Ultimate iPhone 13 Protection

For the ultimate iPhone 13 protection, look no further than Gray’s line of distinctive, and extremely durable, luxury iPhone 13 cases. Gray’s artisan-crafted iPhone sculptures are made from aerospace grade titanium and backed with a TPU housing, offering the very best protection against damage from daily use. And since these eye-catching designs also come in very limited numbers, your Gray iPhone 13 case is distinctly yours. You don’t have to sacrifice style for the sake of protection. You can have it all.