Introducing the Alter Ego Titanium Metal iPhone Case

< By Team GRAY® Aug 16, 2018 >

Alter Ego Titanium | Titanium iPhone X cases & covers | GRAY®

Introducing the Alter Ego 

In the first of a five part series, we are proud to introduce to you today the Alter Ego for the iPhone X. As an Owners Club member, you will be the first in the world to view the Alter Ego. You may also participate in an exclusive pre production release, limited to 30 units before our public launch in September 2018. 

Alter Ego Titanium | Titanium iPhone X cases & covers | GRAY®

The Alter Ego was made for you. You, the individual who refuses to blend into the crowd, instead seeking to excel at every step of the way. You, who chooses everyday to live different, work different, be different. In creating the Alter Ego, you were at the top of our minds. 

Because if everything You do is special, why should your phone look ordinary?

Alter Ego Titanium | Titanium iPhone X cases & covers | GRAY®

We set out to give your phone a jaw-dropping aesthetic persona, creating an Alter Ego for your phone. Inspired by the unique profile of science fiction star fighters, the Alter Ego adopts a cross body profile, elevating your phone into an object of mystery and power. 

Cutting ridges and deep valleys take your eyes further along the body of the case, adding a level of detail with its mesmerising multi-faceted profile, a GRAY signature. No effort has been spared to ensure that the Alter Ego looks and feels like something from the future.

Alter Ego Titanium | Titanium iPhone X cases & covers | GRAY®

Available in Titanium, Stealth, Gold and Aurora Editions, the Alter Ego is now available in an exclusive pre-production release for the iPhone X. Discover more in an Owners Club exclusive link here.

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