GRAY® Style Guide: Pairing Up Gray Products With High-End Watches

< By Admin Team Aug 17, 2022 >

GRAY® products are designed for the bold. For the fashion lovers. For the cutting-edge rebels. So, if you're pairing accessories with high-end watches and wondering how else to complement your look, we’re up to the challenge. You know how to match a watch with your outfit. But just as your watch and outfit speak to your personality, so do your other accessories such as your iPhone, AirPod Cases and your wallets. Take your look to the next level with these GRAY® statement accessories, and let your rebel flag fly.

Pair GRAY® Designer iPhone Cases With Urwerk Watches

URWERK watches blend fantasy and sci-fi aesthetic with high-design luxury. So, it was no surprise that URWERK watches were worn by Robert Downy Junior as billionaire superhero Iron Man in several MARVEL movies—and on the red carpet. 

The futuristic and avant-garde design of URWERK watches pairs seamlessly with a GRAY® iPhone Case for an out-of-this-world look. The designer metal GRAY® iPhone Case is made from aerospace grade titanium, crafted using custom engineered tools, and brought to a dazzling finish in the hands of master craftsmen. The result is not just a luxury iPhone case but a metal sculpture of daring yet sophisticated angles and bold style. If Tony Stark had an iPhone, it would be housed in a GRAY® iPhone Case. 

Match A Richard Mille Watch With GRAY®'s Vandium Card Wallet

A Richard Mille watch evokes the passion, aesthetic, and exquisite mechanical precision of racing automobiles. Inspired by Mille’s passion for racing cars and fascination with technology, and honed with a fine sense of ergonomics, a Richard Mille watch is an embrace of fierce elegance, sophistication, and fine engineering.

The perfect complement to a Richard Mille timepiece is a GRAY® Vandium Card Wallet. The Vandium is crafted from aluminum, titanium, and carbon fibre: the same materials used in the automotive and aeronautical machines that inspire—and are used in—Richard Mille high-end watches. The Vandium Card Wallet is sleek to the eye and in your hand. The bold aerodynamic shape inspired by hypersonic planes also echoes the streamlined profile of the world’s finest racing automobiles. It’s the perfect accessory for an understated, yet uncompromising, look.

Harmonize Your Audemars Piguet With A GRAY® Airpod Cases

The Audemars Piguet brand has long had a close relationship with the arts. The most recent addition to their Royal Oak line of high-end watches is the absolutely stunning “Music Edition.” Superbly designed and magnificently crafted to emulate the appearance of an equalizer, this high-end watch is an eye-grabbing work of art that is bound to be a hot ticket among music industry elites.

Nobody does fashion-forward trendsetting like the music industry. Whether you’re an exec, a producer, an artist, or a live event promoter, you always have an eye on the fashion world. And you’re always looking for that statement accessory that catches every eye in the room. So, pair your Audemars Piguet Music Edition watch with a GRAY® AirPod Case

GRAY®'s AirPod Cases showcase the extreme design of GRAY®'s luxury products with a radical and intoxicating new approach to protecting your AirPods. Shock-absorbing silicone and aerospace grade metals create these show-stopping futuristic sculptures in the palm of your hand. The best part? They look as good in the studio as they do on the street.

Imagine MB&F With A GRAY® Crypto Wallet

An MB&F Machine is the zenith of imaginative timepieces. When you put on your MB&F watch, you’re making a statement about your appreciation for cutting-edge art that both harkens to the past and reaches for the future. MB&F watch owners appreciate high-concept machines that evoke an emotional response. Therefore, we suggest pairing your MB&F watch with GRAY®'s Corazon Crypto Wallet.

While the Corazon Crypto Wallet is fashionably minimalist in appearance, it represents boundless possibilities. It honors the creative imaginations that opened new worlds of opportunity and the currency that can be used in worlds still being imagined today. The Corazon offers ultimate crypto and Bitcoin security in one rebellious iconic device. It is your wallet, your security keychain, and your digital safe all in one. The Trezor firmware ensures that only you have control over the management of your digital assets and has support for over 1,000 cryptocurrencies. Corazon is the statement accessory necessary for anybody who believes in the power of imagination and the futures yet to come.