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Don't Lose Your Bitcoins: Why You Need A Crypto Hardware Wallet
May 04, 2021

Trezor crypto hardware wallet

Secure Your Bitcoins: Why You Need A Crypto Hardware Wallet

Cryptocurrency is an exciting, new frontier with endless possibilities. As with everything new and untested, there is a fair amount of risk when investing in the crypto market. Around 20 percent of the existing 18.5 million Bitcoin, currently worth around $140 billion, become lost or otherwise stranded in hardware wallets.

The very thing that makes Bitcoin and other crypto currencies successful, its decentralised nature, presents more than a challenge for a few unfortunate users. Bitcoin itself has yet to develop a solution for providing or storing passwords. The new crypto market has also neglected to account for human error when remembering and securing their passwords.

The Risk with Crypto Exchanges

The current solution for storing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is to use a crypto exchange. Exchanges are separate holding companies that secure the private keys to your stash of virtual currency. This choice may prove to be unwise. These exchanges have experienced constant challenges in the form of hackers and malware and have had repeated trouble securing their keys. Many of the largest Bitcoin exchanges over the years, including the infamous Mt. Gox, have lost private keys or had them stolen.

Gray, Inc. Has A Better Way to Manage Your Valuable Crypto

At Gray, Inc. - we believe that only you should have access to your crypto keys and data. The Trezor firmware powering our uniquely designed CORAZON® works to keep your crypto private keys secure and limits accessibility to you only. Your keys will never leave your crypto hardware wallet, as it is completely isolated. You can trust your crypto hardware wallet is secure with the CORAZON® - powered by Trezor.

Your Crypto is Safe and Secure With the CORAZON®

Securing your crypto currencies with a crypto hardware wallet will ensure your funds are available for you when you need them. Open-sourced and audited by security researchers, the CORAZON® is fully transparent. Anybody can verify its integrity, look for vulnerabilities and suggest improvements. We have nothing to hide, and going open-sourced is the anchor of your trust in us.

Smarter Digital Wealth Security 

Discerning crypto clients understand the need for security. Your CORAZON crypto hardware wallet has you covered everyday - as well as during the event of an emergency. To make backups easier, the CORAZON® uses the recovery seeds standards (BIP32/39/44), giving you the power to recover your entire wallet in the event that your device has been misplaced. 

We’ve given you the power to verify. There’s no need to rely on risky exchanges anymore. Make the smart choice for your digital wealth with the CORAZON®.



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