Corazon vs Trezor Model T. Which is the Best Bitcoin Hardware Wallet?

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corazon titanium trezor model t crypto and bitcoin hardware wallet

In today’s article we will be talking about the difference between the Corazon and the Trezor Model T crypto and bitcoin hardware wallet.

The Corazon is a collaboration between the Trezor and GRAY® families designed to create something exclusive and truly unique for the higher end of the crypto market. These hardware wallets are built upon the same software and electronics of the Trezor Model T and housed in an aerospace grade titanium case CNC machined and assembled by GRAY®. Therefore, apart from its exterior housing, how the Corazon works is exactly how a Trezor Model T works. As such, let’s talk about the differences in its exterior casing and how it impacts the device’s security.  

Materials & Durability

corazón titanium trezor model t wallet crypto and bitcoin hardware wallet

The Corazon’s exterior case is CNC machined from a solid block of aerospace grade titanium (Grade 5, 6Al4V to be exact) while each case takes up to 12 hours to machine by GRAY® 's most experienced engineers. Apart from the Corazon titanium, it also comes in a stealth and gold finish, limited to 500 and 100 pieces worldwide respectively. The stealth and gold finishes are made from base material titanium and coated in a process called PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition), this coating is known to be the most durable coating possible on titanium and is popularly used in the luxury watch industry.

 trezor model t wallet crypto and bitcoin hardware wallet

The Trezor Model T on the other hand is made from a very durable reinforced plastic, creating using an injection molding process that is meant to cater for large batch productions.

In conclusion, The Corazon being made of titanium definitely makes it more durable, the question for a consumer is how durable do you need your hardware wallet to be? 

The Corazon although being more durable is also heavier giving a more luxurious heft, if you do drop the Corazon it would probably leave some minor scuffs on the device due to its metallic nature depending on the surface you drop it on. It would probably survive being run over by a car though.  The Trezor Model T, on the other hand is much more lightweight, when you do drop it, it is unlikely to cause any dents although you might come away with some scratches but don't expect it to survive after getting run over by a car. 

Security Features

corazón titanium trezor model t wallet crypto and bitcoin hardware wallet

The Corazon features an anti-tamper proof design incorporating the use of hooks and latches, once the titanium cases have been snap fitted onto the electronic components, it is not removable anymore without someone seriously damaging the outer shell, in which case you would know that it has been tampered with. This method of assembly is actually very costly for GRAY® as any unit that has not been perfectly assembled has to be discarded.

corazon titanium trezor model t wallet crypto and bitcoin hardware wallet

Another unique security improvement would be the Corazon’s mechanically textured surface which serves as an anti-cloning fingerprint or a mechanical hologram. This texture is the result of specially engineered cutting tools and a uniquely program CNC machine tool path that GRAY® can identify adding an additional layer of security to the device.

The Trezor Model T also has a similar anti-tamper proof design, but because it’s made of plastic the process is a little different. Trezor uses what we call ultrasonic welding, in which the plastic cases are welded together through very fast vibrations which generates heat and joins the 2 plastic cases together. Like the Corazon, this case is also not removable without someone seriously damaging its outer shell.

custom corazon crypto and bitcoin hardware wallet wires

In conclusion, we feel that the Corazon because of its unique mechanically textured surface helps make it more difficult for bad actors to clone and hence more secure. To achieve the exact machine texture and line direction on the Corazon’s surface would be close to impossible to reverse engineer. GRAY® also hopes that the effort spent on its packaging such as the black stainless steel GRAY® and Satoshilabs welcome cards, and custom GRAY® wires would make the cost too high and deter copycats.

Trezor on the other hand has faced issues in the past where fraudulent companies attempt to copy the product exactly even down to its paper packaging. This is due to the fact that plastic materials have pretty standard production processes and to get the exact colour and texture is not too difficult. For Trezor customers, it is important that you buy from a legitimate source, preferably their official website at Trezor.io


corazon titanium trezor model t wallet crypto and bitcoin hardware wallet

In terms of design, the Corazon looks like a telecommunication device right from the future. Cutting ridges break the profile of the Corazon, creating an angular design inspired by the aerodynamic shape of hypersonic planes and spaceships. GRAY® 's mission is to envision the future and to engineer it for the present, as such the design of the Corazon is unlike anything the crypto industry has ever seen.

trezor model t wallet crypto and bitcoin hardware wallet

The Trezor Model T, features a more minimalistic and comfortable design that appeals more to the general masses.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a design that is more futuristic and bold, the Corazon is definitely your choice. If minimalist and inconspicuous design is your thing, the Trezor Model T is for you.


The Corazon comes at a price range of ~700 USD - 1500 USD depending on the model as some are limited edition in nature. While the Trezor Model T in black is priced at ~170 USD.


If you are looking for the best device that is able to secure your cryptocurrencies with every necessary security feature, the Trezor Model T is the better value for money at a price of 170 USD.

The Corazon on the other hand with such a price point is definitely not for everyone. It is a device for individuals who appreciates daring experiments in design, mechanical artistry and advanced technical materials in addition to highest grade security. If your portfolio fluctuates in more than 4 digits a day, or if you need to call back to earth from the moon, the Corazon is the crypto and bitcoin hardware wallet for you.

The Corazon

The Corazon is a daring experiment in mechanical and technological artistry by the Trezor and GRAY® families designed to reflect the excitement of the cryptocurrency revolution. These hardware wallets are built upon the software and electronics of the Trezor Model T and housed in an aerospace grade titanium case CNC machined by GRAY®.

About GRAY®

The GRAY® brand, founded and based in Singapore, owes much of its distinctive character to the city that they call home. Inspired by the technologically advanced city-state, GRAY® was born to be the periscope into the future, to inspire those who will shape it. Rebels at heart, GRAY® 's designs have no history as their heritage is the future, their creations are daring experiments in mechanical artistry, engineered with the most advanced technical materials possible. To date they have created the most exclusive and luxurious tech accessories for the iPhone, Samsung & Macbook, cryptocurrency hardware wallets, and a range of daily accessories such as writing instruments and card wallets. They have been featured prominently on Business Insider, The Verge, Bitcoin.com, Hypebeast, Highsnobiety, Unbox Therapy and many more publications.