5 Gift Ideas for the Designer Dad on Father's Day

< By Admin Team Jun 22, 2022 >

If you have a Designer Dad in your life, Father’s Day is the best time to surprise him with the luxury items he loves. Designer Dads value the finer things in life. They love a brand name, and they seek out unique, stylish items that highlight their excellent taste. And a Designer Dad loves to see a gleam of appreciation in another’s eye for a luxury item that he has.

Sometimes, finding the perfect gift for your luxury-item loving dad can be challenging. He knows what he likes, and he buys it when he sees it. This Father’s Day, catch him by surprise with a gift he doesn’t expect but absolutely can’t live without once he’s got it. Check out these 5 unique gifts for dad from the Gray collection.

Premium AirPod Pros Case

Raptor is a line of luxury cases by Gray for the AirPods Pro. The angular, futuristic silicone case is thoroughly eye-catching (perfect for your Designer Dad) but also practically designed. The charging light is transformed into a design element, set off by a CNC machined aerospace grade aluminum (or titanium, in the upgraded version) insert. The outer flanks also have titanium inserts, adding to both the sculpted look of the case and its ergonomic features. A perfect gift for the dad who likes a little bit of flash.

Apple Watch Accessories That Protect And Impress

Gray’s luxury Apple Watch cases and bands are the perfect accessory gift for Father’s Day. Fashionable, futuristic, and just a little bit flashy, this is the Apple Watch radically reimagined with streamlined, stunning good looks. Gray’s Apple Watch bands and cases come in an array of customizable choices to reflect your dad’s style and spirit. The cases are crafted from either the same aerospace grade titanium used in other Gray products, or from layered carbon fiber sheets that create a truly one-of-a-kind look and feel. Both protective and impressive, just like dad.

A Card Wallet As Distinctive As Dad

If you’re seeking useful gifts for dad, look no further than the ultra slim Vandium card wallet. This wallet boasts bold design and architectural details that create a stylish, yet minimalist, look that impresses even the most discerning eye. Elegance and a pleasing tactile sensation are delivered with the gorgeous mechanically textured surface. Slim, yet flexible enough to securely hold from 1 to 15 cards, and RFID blocking thanks to the two titanium outer shells. 

Luxury Designer Iphone Cases For Dad

Luxury designer iPhone cases are the ultimate Father’s Day gift that dads can’t wait to show off. Gray’s very limited edition iPhone cases—crafted from aerospace grade aluminum or titanium in staggeringly beautiful finishes—are guaranteed to draw eyes. From the striking revolutionary design to the artisan craftsman touches, everything about these iPhone sculptures is extraordinary. Perfect for the Designer Dad who is bold, confident, and likes to make a statement. Find your dad’s match among the various options available, and your place as dad’s favorite is secured for the next year.

Dress Up Dad’s Writing Tools

Looking for gifts for a dad who wants nothing? This year, upgrade his Montblanc with the Shard pen. Made from exceptional Grade 5 titanium, this pen truly is mightier than the sword—but impressively lightweight. Sophisticated lines, smooth planes, and truly unique, the Shard also comes with a military-spec hard anodized case that is both luxurious and extremely scratch resistant. The Shard pen makes an excellent gift for the dad who appreciates elegance and is also a bit of a rebel.